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Let’s start with what the camera does well. If you set your camera to the full automatic, or some preset program setting, it will produce good shots most of the time in favourable conditions. That’s the good news. Provided, that is, that you are taking pictures with plenty of light coming from the right direction, and you’re not overly fussy about the results being perfect. The exposures will be more or less correct most of the time, the color will be right most of the time and the contrast will be acceptable most of the time. So that would seem a good place to start. Set the camera on full auto and carry on reading.


Talking about photography basics, composition is a somewhat easy topic to understand in photography. Each time that you take a photograph, you must make conscious decisions as to which items you want to include and what camera angle to use. Composition, framing and viewpoint are the keys to producing great photos instead of ordinary ones. Here’s a list of the three most common faults with beginners’ photos, especially when shooting people as subjects.

Don’t place the head in the middle of the frame and leave a load of avoidable space above it. Placing the head near the top of the frame fills your picture area with the subject instead of the background.
Not filling the frame is the next big mistake, the subject and the background must be proportionate.
Armatures are very reluctant to turn the camera on its side. This is essential if, for instance, you are taking a picture of one person on their own, it just helps fill the frame properly. Look at the subject you are going to shoot and choose whether it will best fitting in an upright frame or a horizontal frame.
from India Photo Tour http://indiaphototour.com/a-photography-guide-for-beginners-in-photography/


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