Custom Delhi Food Tour for Shankar Iyer and Mike Wisnefski

Custom Delhi Food Tour for Shankar Iyer and Mike Wisnefski

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Tour Type: Custom Delhi Food Tour. Guest Name: Shankar Iyer and Mike Wisnefski Tour Date : 6th November 2013

REVIEW: absolute “must do” when in Delhi I wish my brain had more storage space for the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, etc that i experience on this tour. This is a first class operation and very personable. follow the guides lead to a world that most foodies can only read about or watch on TV.

Experience of a Lifetime This is easily in the Top Ten of my all time best travel experiences!! Having visited Delhi about 20 times in my life, I’ve never come close to experiencing the journey that JD and Rajeev took us on. In my opinion, it’s a must do for any traveler that has a love of food and culture. The places they took me and my friend Mike (from Chicago) to, even my Delhi residing relatives would not have been able to find. You can not do this on your own, I promise you.

Besides the incredible tastes, these two were able to feed our ears, our noses and our soul. Oh, they’re also hilarious, knowledgable and incredibly professional. All the places they take you to have been certified through years of research by JD and Rajeev to be safe and hygenic. Rajeev also pours hand sanitizer on your hands about every five minutes! JD will take snaps so you can focus on your five senses instead of fumbling with you camera. I highly recommend this to any visitor of this amazing city!
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Delhi Food Walk with Spice Introduction

Delhi Food Walk with Spice Introduction
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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour and Spice Introduction Guest Name: Keith Tour Date : 26th October 2013 Indian Food Tours of Delhi

My wife and I enjoyed the street food tour of Delhi on 18 October 2013. What a fantastic way to start a vacation! Jaidev and Rajeev were the perfect hosts, informative and sociable, and took us to places we would never have heard of and would never have found. From hotel pick-up to drop-off, it was quite perfect: air-conditioned car, bottles of water, hand wipes after each food stall (how thoughtful!).

The food and food-customs are all put in historical and cultural contexts making this a real learning experience. If you are British and think you know Indian food, you may have to think again and expand your horizons. Don’t worry about getting sick from the food. Rajeev and Jaidev have never had customers get ill after their tours, and all the places they take you are tried and trusted. Be prepared to get close to the bustle, noise, and smells of Old Delhi, and be prepared to cough when in the spice market (the chili dust is lung-penetrating stuff!).

Don’t hesitate to tell them your preferences because you will find them as flexible as you want them to be. Jaidev also took photos of us at the various locations and later sent us links where we could download. Quite wonderful. Don’t hesitate to book this tour. You won’t regret it. I never flatter. All the other reviews on this page are spot on. Book it. Now.
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Delhi Food Walk with Maureen and Steven

Delhi Food Walk with Maureen and Steven
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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Guest Names: Maureen Miller, Steven Rust Number of guests : 4 Tour Date : 10 November 2013
Do it!
This tour exceeded our wildest expectations – we saw parts of Delhi we would have never experienced, ate a ton of great food, learned about the city, its culture, its different neighbourhoods, all the while receiving first class white glove service with Raj and Jaidev! From start to finish everything was perfect. Highlights (among many others) must have been exploring Old Delhi, sampling ice cream prepared inside a mango, a trip to the spice market (be prepared to sneeze a lot), touring the kitchen of the temple, and of course the amazing food all throughout.

Make sure to save some space for the last stop! We even went back to one of the places the following day by ourselves to buy more chocolate. By the end of the evening we were completely stuffed, which was a shame, because Raj and Jaidev were ready to keep us going – maybe a missed opportunity to experience Delhi after hours! (but perhaps a good excuse to return again soon to do the tour one more time ;-) Overall a great way to spend a day in Delhi, to see things off the beaten tourist trail, and something I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
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Custom Delhi Food Tour for Barry Drew

Custom Delhi Food Tour for Barry Drew #travel #food #tours #foodwalk

Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name: Barry Drew, friends and family. Tour Date : 10 November 2013 : This food tour in Delhi was arranged for Barry Drew and 4 other people with him.

REVIEW Wonderful On our first day in India it was raining and thunderstorms, but that most definatley did not dampen our spirits, this was one of the most wonderful tours we did, it was beyond our expectations all the food was exceptional and our 2 wonderful tour guides were beyond amazing, thank you Raj and Jaidev, the was very informative and delicious, visiting places that you would not see if you travelled by yourself. If i was to ever visit again i would definatley do this tour again.
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Delhi Food Tour for Andy and Sarah Underwood

Delhi Food Tour for Andy and Sarah Underwood
#foodwalks #foodtours Tour Type: Full Day Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name: Andy and Sarah Underwood Tour Date : 30th October 2013

REVIEW: The trouble with writing this review is that I want to get over how much good food, fun and excitement this tour provided without spoiling any surprises that you will experience if you book it. I am a greedy englishmen who has been cooking and eating Indian food all of my adult life. I have been lucky to make friends with a great many Indians while living in London for the past 13 years and they have taken me to the best Indian places to be had in the city (and there are many). They were good, really good but the food we had on this tour of old and new Delhi was in a different league.

We had dishes I knew and ones that I didn’t. We had dishes that I thought I knew but I now know different. The lassi, oh my the lassi. I used to be fairly ambivalent towards lassi, now I’m trying to find a local potter to make me a clay mug (you’ll find out) The food alone would have made this a great experience, but in addition to that the company of Rajeev and Jaidev made it all the more special. Their knowledge is encyclopaedic but more than that they were both very warm lads with a great sense of humour. We were out with them for 8.5 hours from when they picked us up from our hotel until when they dropped us back and the time flew by. The last thing to say is please go on this tour. If you do I pretty much guarantee that you will recommend it to everyone else. Have fun and have a light lunch!
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Delhi and Agra sightseeing and food tour

Delhi and Agra sightseeing and food tour #foodwalk #foodtour

Tour Type: Full Day Delhi Food Tour and Agra Tour Guest Name: André Freire Tour Date : 28th and 30th March 2013 This custom tour was arranged for André Freire covering food and sights in New Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra.

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REVIEW: I wasn’t acquainted with Indian food at all before visiting the country for the first time. Taking the Food Tour with these guys was an incredible experience. Not only they took me to eat some delicious tradicional dishes as they have shown me every aspect and landmark in Delhi and surroundings. I recommend them, plus the guys are great travel company.
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